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Smarter Energy Solutions is your new alternative to your regular electrical contractor.

Smarter Energy Solutions is your new alternative to your regular electrical contractor.
We offer general electrical work and also provide you with genuine alternatives to reduce your power consumption. We are stockists of proven energy saving products; these include our heat pump hot water systems, energy efficient lighting, highly efficient heat pumps and the new range of Micro Inverter Photo Voltaic systems.




Smarter Energy Solutions is an electrical contracting company specialising in the following fields of work.
1. General Electrical work. Residential and Commercial.

Electrical work covering basic appliance repair, a new power point to wiring for a new house or workshop. Advantages of using our services are we can include a range of other services therefore eliminating the needs to manage other trades persons.

2. Air conditioning and heating.

A heat pump is the most efficient way of heating and / or cooling your space, so have it designed and installed by experts in this field.
Once installed have it regularly serviced to maintain the efficiency of the unit. This can be easily organised  with us so there is no need to put a reminder in your calendar.

3. Energy efficient lighting installation.

Choosing an efficient lighting design for your new home, extension or business is the basis for a low energy account, and installing the right fittings for your needs is rule number one.

4. Hot water systems.

Hot Water can account for up to 30% of your energy account, you can save up to 80% of this with a heat pump hot water system.

5. Phone and Data wiring.

Data wiring will provide the backbone for a range of services and devices; we can install the wiring and in most cases install the product that connects to this outlet.

6. Security systems.

Security systems have evolved into very smart devices, having a system that will arm automatically, keyless entry and remote arming are just a few of today’s features.

7. Programmed electrical maintenance.

Lock in your Electrical maintenance for all your essential and non – essential services including Exit lights, Emergency lights and Testing & Tagging to name just a few.

8. CCTV. Security Camera Installations

Ever wanted to view your property remotely or even checking the surf conditions at your beach house from your IPhone or home PC, this can be easily done for peace of mind. Security cameras are more of a theft deterrent.

9. Multi room TV / Video installations.

Distributing video and audio used to be expensive and clumsy without special wiring. Nowadays the solutions are simpler and the equipment is more affordable. Would you like all your DVD’s and Blu-ray’s stored on one device and abled to be streamed to all your TV’s. Devices such as IPhones and IPad give you a remote that is always close at hand.

10. Appliance repairs.

Some of the major appliances repairable by Smarter Energy Solutions include heaters, stoves and hot water systems.

11. Photo voltaic Installations.

We supply and install photo voltaic systems complete with Micro Inverters.

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